Bob Nocek Presents | Concerts and Comedy in the Southeast and Beyond

From our home base in Durham, N.C., we bring  great concerts and comedy to outstanding theaters and clubs in the Southeast and beyond. See what we're up to at 


With more than 16 years' experience in venues from 1,000 to 10,000 seats, Bob Nocek can provide assistance to theaters and other venues looking to expand their programming, improve profitability, and attract new audiences. For more information, e-mail or call (919) 491-7771.


Bringing the right artists and making good deals can be key to the success of your historic theater. Bob Nocek Presents can help your venue bring shows that will excite your audiences and engage your donors, and we can work with you in a variety of deal structures to best meet your needs:
TALENT BUYING: We execute the booking process while you retain control over artist selection, fees, and deal terms, while you retain 100% of profits and risk.
VENUE EXCLUSIVE: We become the exclusive booker of commercial music and comedy for your venue and we take on 100% of the risk.
CO-PROMOTION OR SHARED RISK: We work together to book artists and we operate as full financial partners on the performances.
CONSULTING PARTNER: Keep your booking process in-house but work with us to help you make decisions regarding artists, pricing, deal terms and other important booking components.


Have you ever considered what each and every seat in your theater is truly worth to a fan? Our best seats - orchestra pit, center orchestra - are a limited valuable commodity. Then why do so many venues sell their best product for a price that isn’t much different than the last row of the balcony? We can evaluate your seating layout, compare your sales and pricing history against the national history for the aritsts, and help you develop a pricing approach that is guaranteed to increase revenue, reduce rik, and give your customers choices between experience and value.


Whether you’re in the market for a ticketing system, a calendar and event management program or a collaboration program for your team, we can help you assess your needs and identify the partners that will work best for your venue.